Citroen C2 Performance PTFE Inlet Manifold Gasket

Citroen C2 Performance PTFE Inlet Manifold Gasket
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Model:  C2MSP0138

PTFE is a fantastic thermal insulator and sealing material. A PTFE inlet manifold gasket acts as a thermal barrier - insulating your manifold from the hot cylinder head. The reduction in intake air temperature ensures your engine receives the coldest, densest air it possibly can.
Similar designs are used to good effect elsewhere in the French car community, and the technology is especially popular amongst Honda tuners.
The gasket is completely compatible with the TU5JP4 and the TU5J4 (Saxo/106) stud spacing and can be used with the standard inlet manifold, C2 VTS manifolds, or throttle bodies. Latest design optimised for AT Power Throttle Bodies, and ideal for turbocharged applications.
The price is for a set of TWO gaskets (one engine set).

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