Citroen C2 Electronic Power Steering Solution

Citroen C2 Electronic Power Steering Solution

Model:  C2MSP0001
Brand:  Citroen C2

This new solution has been engineered by Gwynnespeed/OMEX and literally 'plugs and plays' into the standard C2 loom and uses the standard C2 steering rack. This unit can also be used on aftermarket wiring loom in a C2 (or other car) using the C2 steering rack. Installation instructions are included for ease of installation.

This PAS solution uses a previously used ECU which has been re-mapped and comprehensively tested as part of this solution. The control box is completely new and made for this unit.

NOTE: The image is the actual unit, but some of the connectors have changed.


Dispatch is within 1-2 weeks.

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