RaceTech Snap Off Steering Wheel Boss

RaceTech Snap Off Steering Wheel Boss
Our Price:  £129.95

Model:  C2MSP0354

Racetech 6 bolt Group N type quick release hub kit, supplied with a bolt on splined pin, which bolts onto your aftermarket boss kit (OMP, Momo etc). The fitting of this kit between your boss kit and your steering wheel enables you to remove your steering wheel and doesn't require the welding in of a splined slug, but remember it does bring the steering wheel 60mm nearer to the driver. If you don't want the steering wheel closer, you could consider changing to a flat wheel if your current model is dished. These top quality quick release units are precision machined to ensure no play in the splined coupling and the master spline ensures quick error free location and reliable longevity. The sliding release secion is anodised in the bright gold colour which meets the FIA requirements.

  • Precision machined to ensure no free play
  • Master spline for quick and easy refitting
  • Meets FIA and MSA requirements for motorsport

This is not the low cost or cheap china products which are in our opinion not safe for motorsport use.

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