Edwards Exhaust Manifold

Edwards Exhaust Manifold
 Edwards Exhaust ManifoldEdwards Exhaust Manifold 
Our Price:  £750.00

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Model:  C2MSP0341
Brand:  Citroen C2

Edwards Motorsport Stainless Steel exhaust manifold.  Designed and tested (Dyno) by the UK's leading engine and exhaust engineers, this ultimate performance exhaust manifold will give you the best possible results for any performance modification and it also looks lovely.

A few points to note around fitment. It fits the TU5JP4 (C2) head, but you will need a Peugeot 106 gti / Saxo VTS sump steel pan for the fitment. You will also need to be professionally fitted due to the connections to your remaining exhaust system. You will also need to change your oil filter housing.

Any questions, please ask. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

NOTE - This product does not have VAT on due to the supplier not being VAT registered. So if purchasing from outside Europe, there is no cost savings by removing the VAT. Sorry.

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