Peugeot 205 Short Shift Gear Lever

Peugeot 205 Short Shift Gear Lever
Our Price:  £57.95

Model:  C2MSP0507
Brand:  Peugeot 205

A short shifter or quick shift Gear Stick essentially alters the throw. This is the distance between gear changes by changing the angle/pivot of the lever. The Fulcrum point has been re-positioned and can reduce the amount that it has to be moved by up to 40%. Helps and reduces play against a conventional stick. Complete and fitted with a self lubricating phosphor bronze bushes for longer life and to produce smooth gear changes. This is the Lever that has one the Peugeot rally challenge and is seen on most race and competition cars. Complete with Aluminium Gear Knob. A direct simple complete replacement.

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