Citroen C2 StrongFlex Lower Engine Mount (Red)

Citroen C2 StrongFlex Lower Engine Mount (Red)
 Citroen C2 StrongFlex Lower Engine Mount (Red)Citroen C2 StrongFlex Lower Engine Mount (Red) 
Our Price:  £9.95

Model:  C2MSP0582
Brand:  Citroen C2

This is an insert and is used in addition to the lower engine/gearbox mount on the car side.

Which bush set should I choose: RED or YELLOW?
What is the difference between RED (80 ShA*) and YELLOW (90 ShA*) bushes?
The main difference between red and yellow products is their HARDNESS! The materials resistance to weathering, oils, grease, salt, acids, solvents, in both cases is EXCELLENT! 

RED colour - hardness of about 80 ShA* - suspension components have a hardness similar to the original metal-rubber bushes. However, strength of the polyurethane is many times greater, and the unique properties ensure long lasting comfort. RED products are recommend for "everyday" car users who want improve stability and better driving.
YELLOW colour - hardness of about 90 ShA* - recommended for racing-sports vehicles, tuned.. etc. The suspension is much stiffer, as at higher speeds is important. Durability ensures stability of polyurethane suspension for many years.
Key benefits of polyurethane bushes:
Extend the life of tires,
Stability of the suspension,
Increased driving comfort,
Increased safety,
Lower operating costs.
*ShA - relates to the scale of hardness, the higher the number the harder the material

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