Peugeot 205 15" Front Brake Kit - 4 Pot Calipers (Pro Race 3) 282mm x 25mm Rotors (Brake Discs)

Peugeot 205 15'' Front Brake Kit - 4 Pot Calipers (Pro Race 3) 282mm x 25mm Rotors (Brake Discs)
Peugeot 205 15'' Front Brake Kit - 4 Pot Calipers (Pro Race 3) 282mm x 25mm Rotors (Brake Discs)Peugeot 205 15'' Front Brake Kit - 4 Pot Calipers (Pro Race 3) 282mm x 25mm Rotors (Brake Discs)Peugeot 205 15'' Front Brake Kit - 4 Pot Calipers (Pro Race 3) 282mm x 25mm Rotors (Brake Discs)Peugeot 205 15'' Front Brake Kit - 4 Pot Calipers (Pro Race 3) 282mm x 25mm Rotors (Brake Discs)Peugeot 205 15'' Front Brake Kit - 4 Pot Calipers (Pro Race 3) 282mm x 25mm Rotors (Brake Discs)Peugeot 205 15'' Front Brake Kit - 4 Pot Calipers (Pro Race 3) 282mm x 25mm Rotors (Brake Discs)
Our Price:  £940.95

Model:  C2MSP0502
Brand:  Peugeot 205


Buy with confidence, affordable with no compromise in quality, look no further than Compbrake Motorsport.

Compbrake brings over 30 years experience to the field of motorsport component design. Innovation and attention to detail are what keeps our pioneering race products ahead of the field, winning races time and time again.

Designed using the latest in-house CAD software and manufactured to the highest standards using the best quality materials, our comprehensive range of brake kits remain unrivalled. With features such as our laser cut top hat bells, hard-anodised race calipers and our unique solid billet aluminium brackets, it’s easy to see why our brake kits are often copied but never bettered.

The ultimate in design and technology – Compbrake braking solutions are a unique option for any high performance vehicle; each component has been carefully selected and tested to a very high standard. Our complete solutions are proven, using high performance cars driven by qualified ARDS drivers in race circuit conditions.

COMPBRAKE LTD – PRO-RACE ranges of brake kits are proving to be very popular with race teams worldwide.

Full kit weight – 25kg

PRO-RACE 3 CALIPER – The faster you can stop, the faster you finish…

This caliper is specially designed with a narrow body and offers exceptional strength and lightness. The Pro-race 3 is produced from a solid high-grade billet of aluminium. It suits 13” to 15” wheel applications and it has become very popular with club racers, rally, sprint & historic cars.

Each caliper is hand made and fully tested in our own UK factory incorporating our unique internal brake fluid crossover design eliminating the need for external tubing.

PRO-RACE 3 Features:

• Housing material special alloyed aircraft aluminium.
• Hard anodised in black colour to 40 microns.
• Mounting centres 5.25”.
• Side/bottom entry feeding ports.
• Pistons stainless steel 1.5”x 1.5”
• Disc thickness range 20.5-26mm.
• Suitable for 228mm-295mm rotors.
• Weight 1.69kg
• Disc to mounting bell tightening Torque settings 14.0 Nm (10.5lb ft.)


Stainless steel brake pistons are installed with a new high temperature external seal for ultimate long term reliability and protection. Fitted with a quick release Porsche design sprung clip to make brake pad changing easier. Pistons fitted sizes are opposed to ensure extremely high consistent levels of friction under braking, and even help with pad wear.

POWERVANE Brake discs 295mm x 24mm [Rotors] – An advantage in every corner…

Powervane Racing Rotors are probably the best Rotors in the Motorsport Industry today. The curved Vanes are angled to use the rotors deflection of rotation to enhance cooling performance making them side specific.

Compbrake has been providing Powervane Racing Rotors to Rally and Endurance Race cars for over 15 years. Proven and tested by hundreds of cars ranging from World Rally Cars, Circuit Racing Saloon Cars, Single Seaters, Mitsubishi Evos and Subaru/Cosworth track day cars.

Powervane Racing Rotors are manufactured to ISO 9000 standards. Each casting of our Rotors is subjected to stringent quality controls.

This includes sample testing and random batch testing to avoid potential problems due to internal and external blowholes, cold shots, sand inclusions and other defects to provide the highest quality.

POWERVANE Rotor Features:

• A unique composition of dampened iron casting for optimum rotor wear, balance & reliability.
• Excellent cooling characteristics.
• 40% Lighter than original manufacturers designs.
• Angled curved vanes direction of rotation L/H & R/H to further enhance performance.
• Cast iron construction 30000 psi damped grey.
• Supplied to international rally car builders and formula racing teams.
• Suitable for vehicles where power exceeds 500bhp and 1000 degrees.
• Vanes serve to reinforce the rotor and guard against warping.
• Exclusive vane design disperses heat & gasses faster, whilst maintaining a clean pad surface.
• Brake fade virtually eliminated.

Powervane Rotors offer the ultimate in disc brake technology, internally vented with curved vanes, designed not to deteriorate, warp or crack under extreme braking conditions. This unique design virtually eliminates brake-fade; each disc has 6 slotted gas vents. The centre billet aluminium mounting top hat bell is hard anodised to increase strength and is secured by 12 stress-relieved; high tensile; cap head plated bolts; with heat resistant locking cleave nuts.

(Included with each brake solution package)

High performance HAWK Brake pads:

For over 25 years, Hawk Performance Break Pads have dominated the racetrack by providing champions with cutting-edge friction materials. Whether you are looking to improve your braking ability during the next race day or looking to make your move on the final lap, Hawk has you covered with a wide range of Motorsport Compound Pads.

Overall back-to-back testing against five other well-known brands exceeded all our expectations, out-braking the competition and making Hawk Performance Brake Pads the number one choice for all Compbrakes braking solutions.

Hawk pads selected as they prove to produce the highest possible levels over a wide range of operating conditions.

(Included with each brake solution package)

Compbrake Mounting Brackets – An advantage in every corner:

Mounting brackets are manufactured from solid billet aluminium and anodised to finish, secured by S12 high tensile bolts. (Included with each brake solution package)

High performance brake lines:

Super reinforced with a polyurethane coating to prevent erosion, Compbrake Performance stainless steel braided brake lines offer sharper, firmer braking than standard rubber hoses, and reduce overall stopping distances. (Included with each brake solution package)

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