Citroen C2 Custom Cages T45 Weld In Roll Cage (International Spec)

Citroen C2 Custom Cages T45 Weld In Roll Cage (International Spec)
Our Price:  £1,655.00

Model:  C2MSP0211
Brand:  Citroen C2

This is for a Citroen C2 T45 Roll Cage designed and constructed by Custom Cages. These C2 roll cages are designed entirely to provide you with a safer, stronger and more rigid vehicle giving you more performance. So whether you use it on road, track or for full Motorsport use we know this roll cage will give you the security and safety you demand. 

Inside you will find:

  • CNC formed tubes for the main hoop, A pillar hoops etc with square and profiled ends are necessary.
  • Straight tubes with profiled ends ready for welding into place.
  • Set of footplates.
  • Check list (every tube has an identifying sticker) so you can be sure you have a complete kit (we will have already have checked that you have the right tubes twice before the kit is packed).
  • Instructions sheet.
  • CD showing the fully fitted roll cage.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as made to order.

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