Citroen C2 GSR Induction Air Filter

Citroen C2 GSR Induction Air Filter
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Model:  C2MSP0154
Brand:  Citroen C2

Proved to be THE BEST on the market, a complete induction kit for the Citroen C2 petrol. This kit is designed to fit all C2 petrol models, including the ones with A/C.
Looking at the pictures, you most likely by now got the idea of why these kits are so unique and what is their secret. If not, here is a user friendly explanation:
As you can see from the pictures, the kit is installed in a rather unusual place - at the back of the engine! Most likely, now you will think that it won't get enough cold air. Well, it is the other way around in these cars - we did a lot of tests on them, and we soon found out, that in these cars, the space behind the engine gets ventilated. Even better - due to turbulence factors, not only does it get ventilated, it actually gets enough cold air to utilize it for engine breathing!
Now time to look at the large close up picture. Most of people, who are not familiar with GSR, but know such greatly marketed kits like K&N Typhoon, Pipercross, Samco etc., will probably say that it's just a U shaped rubber hose and that the filter does the clever bit. Well, no. This is what the major filter companies are trying to get you thinking of. Yes, the filter does affect the performance in a major way, but there is even more power to be gained when equipped with a properly designed air intake revision or so called induction kit!
Have a good look at the long straight part of the hose. See those widening and narrowing and again widening bits? These are specially designed to give the most possible air velocity gains in a given application. More about this can be found at our fact and info page. This can not be done with those shiny looking stainless steel or aluminium pipes. And to be honest, without this, there is no point of calling them induction kits as they are just plain intake pipes. Since a pipe doesn't do anything apart transmitting air throughout it.
This is one of the main reasons GSR induction kits are unique and are something that actually works. How good does it work you ask? Well here are two power graphs - see for yourself what "a filter placed at the back of an engine, with insufficient cooling, equipped with a silicone hose" (as some people like to call them) does:
The power graphs provided, display the performance of a 1.1L and a 1.6L engines equipped with this kit.
A comparison test against other brand products was made by the C2 owners club members, and the conclusion was obvious - there isn't a better kit for these cars than the GSR! More info can be found here:
Please note, that this kit is not a simple straightforward installation job, and it will require to have some basic tools to install it. A more detailed installation including pictures is located here:

Contents: All GSR induction kits are supplied with a unique silicone hose, performance cotton gauze cone air filter, plastic breather pipe connector and all the necessary fitting clips. Note that you may want to cut your origional connector off and use this as the one supplied is universal.

Please alow 2-3 weeks for delivery if not in stock.

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