Citroen C2 GSR air filter guard - water and dust shield

Citroen C2 GSR air filter guard - water and dust shield
Our Price:  £36.00

Model:  C2MSP0278
Brand:  Citroen C2

A special water and dust repellent protective sleeve, designed for the harsher areas, where rain and huge puddles are a common thing.

When driving in heavy rain, large puddles are unavoidable. Vehicle manufacturers recommend to avoid driving over large puddles in order to protect the engine from a hydrolock (water ingestion into the cylinders, which can not be compressed and "locks" your pistons, which in turn destroys your engine) and from various faults the vulnerable electronics modern vehicles have. Often, this recommendation is forgotten or ignored. 
When using a cold air intake, a driver has to take extra caution, since the air intake system is even more exposed to the water ingestion. Normally, this is not a problem. However, even the most experienced drivers may face a situation where water splashes can not be avoided (I.E. from upcoming traffic).

This product will protect your cold air intake system from that accidental water splash ingestion, as well as extending your filters service life due to acting as an additional dust screen.

This sleeve is only water repellent, NOT WATERPROOF! By using this product you still have to evaluate the driving conditions and make real time judgements to avoid serious damage to your vehicle.

We always advise to drive with caution during rain, as large puddles not only may create a huge splash that can be ingested into your engine, but also may hide a huge pothole, which may destroy your wheels and suspension.

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