Citroen C2 Challenge Specification Bilstein Suspension Set

Citroen C2 Challenge Specification Bilstein Suspension Set
Our Price:  £1,099.00

Model:  C2MSP0110
Brand:  Citroen C2

This Bilstein C2 Challenge Suspension has been designed by Bilstein for back in 2015 and are now available only from us!!

The shocks are based on the B14’s with some differences in that they have increased the open length of the front by 10mm and 40mm on the rear (the closed length have stayed the same), they are re-valved to be more of a rally biased setting taking note of the 205 Challenge settings which were proven very successful. These are 40mm inserts on the front which are identical to the 205 rally inserts, the rears are smaller but as they aren't on such a ratio as the 205 they will stay cooler. Matched with 2 1/4 springs on the front which have been tested to be the ideal setup for these cars on both gravel, mixed surfaces, and tarmac.


1. If you are running a 206 (BE4) hub then you will need some sleeves made(like an offcut of roll cage tubing) as these hubs are slightly wider than the strut. If on standard C2 hubs, then these are a direct fit.

2. The kit does NOT come with replacement rear springs. We have worked with Falkner and Bilstein, and tested various combinations and found that the VTR/GT OEM spring is as good as the upgraded springs (not the VTS as its shorter and a different poundage). We also tested replacing the barrel shaped rear springs with a 2 1/4 standard spring and this caused issues in behavour especially when on full droop hence we are not recommending or selling these for the rear. Why change a rear spring if its good enough eh!

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