Citroen C2 Proflex Group A Front Shock Absorber (Each)

Citroen C2 Proflex Group A Front Shock Absorber (Each)
Our Price:  £1,730.00
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Model:  C2MSP0513
Brand:  Citroen C2

  • Proflex McPherson shock absorber
  • 3 way adjustable : rebound, high speed and low speed compression
  • Supplied with Aviation Aluminium 7075 topmount and NMB high quality unibal
  • Adjustment bottle in the engine room
  • Monotube shock absorber
  • Ø45 mm insert
  • Lower friction bearing
  • Stiffness determined for your application
  • Damper preadjusted for your use

Proflex Option : Lower bearing

  • Reducing the Mc Pherson friction
  • Offering more traction

Proflex Option : hydraulic bumpstop

  • Unlike the lonely elastomer bumpstop, the hydraulic bumpstop added to the elastomer can offer a damping that will absorb progessively any shock without making the vehicle bouncing.
  • Helpful for bumpy races or for run with a lot of cut. 

Proflex Option : Service box Proflex

  •  Liquid grease bottle and lubrification material
  •  Guiding bearing
  •  3 mm Allen key to adjust the rebound and for the Mc Pherson greasing screw
  •  Seals for the up Mc Pherson part
  •  Different camber shim (if the camber can be adjusted)

307 Hub Option

Note the additional 307 Hubs are refurbished with sand blasting, painting and new quality bearings.

Not valid for road use - No homologation will be delivered

Price is for only 1 shock absorber complete with springs and valving on request for your application and area.

Please contact us for availability as we do hold limited stock. If not in stock, 2-3 weeks delivery.


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