Eibach Lowering Spring Kit

Eibach Lowering Spring Kit
Our Price:  £155.95
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Model:  C2MSP0574
Brand:  Citroen C2


So you want a low, stylish profile for your car without compromising your safe, enjoyable driving experience? When it comes to lowering the profile and boosting the performance of a road car, Eibach's Pro Kit Springs are the premier solution! Eibach strives to deliver the lowered profile that you want, the ultimate goal of the Eibach Pro Kit is to lower your car's profile and enhance your whole driving experience!


When many people think of a lowered car, they may assume that it is a purely visual modification, but there are plenty of other benefits (beside a low-riding, slick look) to lowering a car with Pro Kit Springs.

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs lower the vehicle's centre of gravity, which has a number of beneficial effects.

One such positive effect of a lowered centre of gravity is reduced squat during acceleration. This is when the rear of the car pushes down during acceleration. During acceleration squat, the front of the car rises in response. This significantly reduces the aerodynamics of the car and can have a big impact on overall speed and acceleration. As the car fights against increased drag, more petrol is used.

By reducing the acceleration squat, the Eibach Pro-Kit Springs can help to increase acceleration, overall speed and fuel efficiency.

  • Best Combination of Looks, Handling and Ride Quality
  • Lower Centre of Gravity, Lowers Vehicle 2.50cm - 3.80cm
  • Each Eibach Pro Kit Springs are specifically Tuned and Tested for Your Vehicle
  • World's Best Quality, Precision and Corrosion Resistance
  • Formula 1 Technology and Quality for Your Car

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