Apex Lowering Spring Kit

Apex Lowering Spring Kit
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Model:  C2MSP0575
Brand:  Citroen C2

The ultimate blend of handling ride and refinement can only be achieved by a dedicated suspension specialist like APEX, who have gained extensive knowledge from a combination of in-house test and development engineers, test drivers and racing experience.

All kits are extensively tested and carry TUV approval. Supplied as a boxed car set, and guaranteed to improve the handling and looks of your car with a lifetime warranty. Apex springs are a great replacement for the standard springs on your vehicle. They will usually lower the vehicle by 30-40mm which will not damage your standard shock absorbers. This will not only improve your vehicles handling, response and grip, but will add that extra touch of style that will make your car look different from the rest. The ride will be a little firmer, but never too harsh.


APEX, with its years of experience and raft of brilliant engineers, has long been a go-to name in the motorsports world. Now we are putting that expertise to use to bring you the best lowering springs on the market.

Apex engineers work from their own, dedicated factory to create the best lowering springs and sports performance parts. Rigorously test them to ensure they can withstand any number of road and environmental forces. All because they know that you want the best looks possible, but also because safety and comfort are just as important.


Developed in their factory in Holland, years of experience in some of the world's biggest motorsport events go into each and every component they produce, and APEX Lowering Springs are no different.

To ensure that the lowering springs show the expertise and workmanship that is behind everything they do, APEX Lowering Springs only use the finest materials. Manufactured with the highest quality chrome silicium steel. After this, each spring is heat-treated and treated with phosphate. The APEX Lowering Springs undergoes epoxy treatment, which provides amazing protection against corrosion and the elements. Apex are so confident in their product they provide a lifetime warranty as standard.


APEX Lowering Springs are compatible with a vast number of car makes and models, a vehicle can experience drop of between 30-40mm This is a significant amount and will provide you with a new, sporty profile for your vehicle whilst also providing a host of other benefits, especially if teamed with APEX Suspension Shock Absorbers or a complete Sport Suspension Kit.

As well as providing a great new profile, lowering a vehicle can also result in improved grip and handling. Being lower to the road means a tighter, firmer ride, with handling in particular benefitting. However, Apex always ensure that safety and durability of our components match any boosts in handling or performance.

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