TU5JP4 CNC Ported & Polished Head

TU5JP4 CNC Ported & Polished Head
 TU5JP4 CNC Ported & Polished HeadTU5JP4 CNC Ported & Polished Head 
Our Price:  £1,495.00

Model:  C2MSP0490
Brand:  TU5JP4/TU5J4

CNC Head prepared in stock and ready to go with all the paperwork from cncheads.co.uk

Our new Citroen head shows some excellent results. A 13% increase in inlet flow and a massive 22% increase in exhaust flow make for some very useful power increases. Our predicted and tested power output for this head is 224 BHP at 9900 RPM or 207 BHP at 7900 with appropriate modifications to fueling and exhaust.

This head is intended for race purposes or road car owners who simply want ultimate power from their cars. This head increases the engine’s full potential and allows you to take your tuning as far as you want with the absolute maximum flow. An excellent performance upgrade for this classic engine.

Remember, all our heads are fully balanced across the cylinders. The CFM ratings we state here are exactly what you get and we have tested power predictions on our Dyno to within 1 BHP of our prediction. Buy with absolute confidence that you are buying a head with a huge amount of expert development work built in and will perform as we say they will.

If you have an existing head which you wish to exchange, please send to us and we will refund you £100. The head must be in good working condition and include the cam carriers. Please get in contact if you are unsure.


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