Citroen C2 TU5JP4/TU5J4 Oil Filter Conversion Kit

Citroen C2 TU5JP4/TU5J4 Oil Filter Conversion Kit
 Citroen C2 TU5JP4/TU5J4 Oil Filter Conversion KitCitroen C2 TU5JP4/TU5J4 Oil Filter Conversion Kit 
Our Price:  £19.95
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Model:  C2MSP0476
Brand:  TU5JP4/TU5J4

Oil Filter Conversion for the Citroen C2. Removes the standard bulky unit and replaces with a direct to block screw on filter capability. Also essential for any aftermarket Sump or Manifold conversions for clearances.

Its IMPORTANT to always check the clearance for after market manifolds as some will snag the filter canister. Edwards Manifolds are fine. Also, depending on wht model of C2 you have, you may need to put a sandwhich plate on to take the sensor which is located in the old filter housing.

Kit includes:

1x Quality Oil Filter (Choose 60mm or 85mm Deep)

1x Conversion threaded adapter (no longer available from Peugeot/Citroen)

1x Bung for the secondary hole in the block which is left exposed after removing the filter housing

This does not include a sandwich plate, but they can be fitted in line with this kit without issue, and required if running any aftermarket Oil Pressure/Temp gauges or Oil coolers


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