Billet Steel Lightened Flywheel

Billet Steel Lightened Flywheel
Our Price:  £269.95

Model:  C2MSP0608
Brand:  Citroen C2

200mm Billet steel flywheel by TTV Racing with clutch cover bolts suitable for the 1.6 TU engines found in the Citroen C2. Designed to retain standard clutch cover design, 2000 on flywheels can be identified by 6 evenly spaced torx 40 clutch retaining bolts with 8 x 1.25mm thread.


These billet flywheels weigh a total of 3.2KG and are considerably lighter than standard flywheel which weighs a total of 5.7KG whilst retaining good structural strength. Reducing the flywheel rotating mass means less effort is wasted accelerating the engines own moving parts and the engine will rev more freely.

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